TaraTari, a modern shipyard for Bangladesh
Watever supports the TaraTari Shipyard in Bangladesh. This shipyard follows the social entrepreneurship model: a social purpose, an ethical governance & a sustainable development. TaraTari Shipyard’s missions are:

  • To support of Bangladesh in its technological development through the transfer of skills in shipbuilding with international standards,
  • TobBe a sustainable shipyard model that is replicable throughout the country
  • To research, development and swarming of safe boats corresponding to identified needs and respecting local uses,
  • Respect the values of the social entrepreneurship model with an ethical governance, by feeding back reinvesting profits into research and development, wages of the employees and infrastructure of the shipyard.

Since 4 years, Watever has sent 6 volunteers on the shipyard to provide technical expertise in the construction of boats and to support the shipyard in its communication and fundraising.
Since the beginning, the shipyard TaraTari has aimed at developing and producing strong vessels, efficient, unsinkable and durable, mainly in the fields of fishing and passenger carrier. Its expertise in the field of fiberglass shipbuilding enabled to initiate a technological shift for the country, approved and followed by the government (Ministry of Fisheries) and F.A.O (Food and Agricultural Organization, from the U.N).

TaraTari also aims to preserve/protect the extraordinary naval heritage of Bangladesh. This action enabled the excavation of the « Golden Boat » on the beach of Kuakata (south of Bangladesh) in February 2013. Watever also supported TaraTari to manage another project about the Moon-Boat of Cox’s Bazar in November 2013.

TaraTari’s achievements with the support of Watever are:

  • 2 floating hospitals for the NGO Friendship which now operates in northern Bangladesh.
  • 2 ambulances catamarans used as a support for the floating hospitals.
  • 67 fishing boats for the F.A.O
  • 17 school shuttle-boats for UNICEF
  • 7 fishing boats for the NGO Friendship

A significant impact

  • Fishing boats: 775 beneficiaries
  • Carrier boats: More than 7200 children transported safely to school every year
  • Ambulances catamaran: First emergency speed boat in Bangladesh
  • For more information, download the presentation of the project or browse through the website of the Shipyard.