M.S.R.S: Maritime Search and Rescue Society in Bangladesh

 Much concerned by the dramatic occurences in the Bay of Bengal and the major river routes, the Admiral Taher (retired Navy Chief of Banglades), Yves Marre and Watever gathered their friends to create a non-profit and non-government society to help enhancing security and rescue seafarers.

This rescue society is sets itself three missions:

  1. RESCUE all the seafarers and coastal populations:
    1. After each storm, at sea and on rivers, 7/24
    2. After each meteorological disaster
  1. WARN: Awareness campaign in all sea and river harbours:
    1. Dangers at sea
    2. Hazardous Weather guidelines
    3. Ships maintenance
    4. Use of Safety equipment
  1. TRAIN:
    1. Rescue strategies
    2. Steering of rescue boats
    3. Meteorological precautions
    4. Lifesaving
    5. Permanent monitoring

The M.S.R.S of Bangladesh gathers since its first day:

  • Hundreds of thousands of nautical miles sailed on all the 7 Seas world’s oceans,
  • Various different Exemplary and complementary nautical experiences:
    • The highest positions of the Bangladesh Navy
    • he highest level of technological achievement in ship building
    • The most unlikely and succesfull humanitarian endeavours
  • Lives of passion and commitment
  • Dedicated youth relaying elders in the future

Facing the tragic reality of the living conditions of fishermen of the Bay of Bengal and the users of major rivers, the protagonists of the new Society refused to evade their responsibility of solidarity. They offer their skills, their energy, their enthusiasm and their lives to the service of safety and rescue to the seafarers of Bangladesh. This commitment and endeavor allows them to keep believing in “brotherhood and human solidarity”. However, the commitment of a few experts would be nothing without the backing of supporters sharing the same values.